Avistone Industrial Parks III, LLC

A High Yielding Multi-tenant Industrial Real Estate Fund
Available to Accredited Investors Only

  • Targeted 15% IRR**
  • 8% Preferred Return**
  • Diversified Investment In 5-6 Properties
  • $50,000 minimum investment
  • 3 – 5 year estimated hold**
  • Investors Receive Class A LLC Ownership Interest

The First
Property In
The Fund

Technology Park

  • Targeted IRR 17.24%**
  • Targeted Yield 11%**
  • 43 tenants
  • 89.3% occupied

27200 – 27300 Haggerty Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 222,059 SF Multi-Tenant Industrial Park

Technology Park

Why we like this property

Technology Park, 222,059 SF Multi-Tenant Industrial Park
Farmington Hills Michigan

Property Highlights

1. Healthy yield – targeted average 11% yield* and 17.24% IRR* based on a 5 year hold.  See Offering Material for details. 
2. Bought at the right price. The property was purchased approximately 40% below replacement cost
3. Great  location – Major business hub with 98.5% occupancy rate in Farmington Hills industrial real estate.
4. Upside potential – This property is undermanaged with only 89% occupancy, right in our sweet spot for value creation.
5. 3.21% fixed rate financing for 8 years – potentially protects distribution yields and provides inflation protection.
6. Strong Tenant Mix – SiriusXM, Quest Diagnostics, Statysis, Polyplastics, ++

Access Investment Summary

 Why we like the Multi-Tenant Industrial/Warehouse property class

Who is Avistone?

We are multi-tenant industrial/warehouse experts.  We have completed a round trip on 24 multi-tenant industrial properties and provided an average annual weighted return of 19.01% to our investors.**   

Avistone’s Industrial Track Record**

Commercial Property Acquisitions

In Acquisitions

Weighted Rate of Return

Weighted Internal Rate of Return

Time For Return On Investment

3.38 YEARS
Weighted Hold Period

Total Number of Full Cycle Investments

Full Cycle Investments


Weighted Investment Multiple

Distribution Rate

Weighted Yearly Distribution Yield

See Important Disclosures Below

The Avistone Team

Successful Experienced Multi-tenant Industrial Investment Team
Our executive management team has more than 160 years of combined commercial real estate experience. We conservatively underwrite all acquisitions, acquire and operate properties with potential for high yield and capital appreciation. **

We Co-invest With You
Our interests are aligned because we invest alongside our investors and the principals take a hands-on approach to ensure that each investment provides the maximum return possible for all of us.**

**Accredited Investors Only
**Past performance does not guarantee future results

Access Investment Summary

Avistone’s Historical Fund Performance
Has Been Extraordinary**

Industrial Fund I – 11.72% average cash yield and 21.16% Total Annual Return (IRR)*

Industrial Fund II – 9.15% average cash yield and 24.15% Total Annual Return (IRR)*


Avistone Industrial Fund I
Properties: 4
Locations: TX, GA, OH
Total Square Footage: 532,700
Number of Tenants: 125
Weighted Yearly Distribution Yield: 11.72%
Weighted Internal Rate of Return: 21.16%
Weighted Holding Period: 4.72 Yrs
Weighted Investment Multiple: 2.09x
Avistone Industrial Fund I
Avistone Industrial Fund II
Properties: 4
Locations: GA, FL
Total Square Footage: 1,211,681
Number of Tenants: 173
Weighted Yearly Distribution Yield: 9.15%
Weighted Internal Rate of Return: 24.15%
Weighted Holding Period: 3.01 Yrs
Weighted Investment Multiple: 1.55x
Avistone Industrial Fund II

*All performance metrics and returns to investors are net after profit-sharing with Avistone

About The Structure

About The Fund Structure   
Avistone Industrial Parks Fund III LLC

  • The investor receives an LLC ownership interest pari passu to the size their investment
  • Investor receives monthly cash flow – yield of 11% from a combination of cash and amortization over 5 year hold – see investment summary
  • Investor receives first money out upon successful sale of the property*
    • First return of 100% of invested capital*
    • Next 8% preferred return*
    • Next Avistone receives catch-up on 20% of the preferred return paid to investors*
    • Next Investor receives 80% of the profits*
    • Last Avistone Receive 20% of profits*
  • Investor receives a minimum 8% preferred return and return of 100% of invested capital before Avistone shares in any profits from a sale of the property.*

**Accredited Investors Only
**Past performance does not guarantee future results

Benefits of Avistone LLC Ownership Interests

Benefits Of Avistone LLC Ownership Interests

  • Limited Liability – Investors do not generally incur liability for the company’s debt and legal obligations.
  • No management headaches – Avistone assumes all leasing, property management and tax reporting responsibility for the property
  • First money out – Return 100% of capital plus preferred return of 8% to investors from successful disposition **
  • Investor/Avistone interests aligned – we don’t share any profits until you get all your money back plus an 8% annual return**
  • Low barrier to entry – minimum $50,000 Investment 
  • Participate in the benefits of larger multi-million $ deals 
  • Past Investors earned a weighted average IRR of 19.01% **

**Accredited Investors Only
**Past performance does not guarantee future results

First Property In The Fund
Technology Park Investment Highlights*

Property’s Acquisition Price: $25,500,000 ($114.32 psf)
Projected Debt:  $14,700,000
Projected Equity:   $12,508,000
Projected Capitalization: $27,208,000
Loan Terms:  3.21%, fixed rate, 10-year term due 4-1-2031, until Apr 2024, 20-year am thereafter
Projected Yield (5-yr avg):  7% (cash flow)
4% (amortization)
11% (cash flow + amortization)
See notes 1, 2 
Projected IRR (5-yr hold):17.24% 
See notes 1,2
 Projected Holding Period:   3- to 5-Years

 (1) The above chart is preliminary and consists of projections, terms and amounts, and must be viewed in conjunction with the Risk Factors on Page 29 below and the Avistone Industrial Parks III LP Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) and all supplements, exhibits and addendum attached thereto including those issued in connection with the acquisition of and investment in Technology Park Portfolio.

(2)  There is no guarantee investors will receive cash flow or a full return of capital.  See “Risk Factors” in the Avistone Industrial Parks III PPM and on Page 29. The results shown may not occur. Investment performance could vary significantly.

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