Industrial Investment Strategy

Our Multi-Tenant Industrial Strategy

We focus on providing investors with monthly income, inflation protection and the potential for long-term capital appreciation while mitigating risk. We purchase stabilized, multi-tenant industrial and business park properties located in growing metropolitan markets with high occupancy rates and increasing rental rates.

Multi Tenant Industrial Commercial Real Estate

Target Strong and Growing Markets

We target stabilized, multi-tenant flex/industrial properties with growing, in-place cash flow that provides current yield to our investors. Since our inception, we have delivered consistent cash distributions to our investors.

Risk Mitigation

We reduce risk by acquiring properties below replacement cost in dynamic markets with high occupancy rates and multiple tenants of varying lease maturities with no single tenant occupying more than 20% of the space.

Capital Appreciation

We enhance capital appreciation by acquiring properties in growing markets, improving property conditions, increasing occupancy and net operating income, amortizing debt and positioning the property for potential sale.

Inflation Protection

We mitigate the effect of inflation with our flex/industrial properties by continuously monitoring rental rates and strategically raising rents as short-term leases come due to ensure they are in-line with current market rates.



Commercial Property Acquisitions

In Acquisitions

Weighted Rate of Return

Weighted Internal Rate of Return

Time For Return On Investment

3.24 YEARS
Weighted Hold Period

Total Number of Full Cycle Investments

Full Cycle Investments


Weighted Total Return on Equity

Distribution Rate

Weighted Distribution Rate

Since 2013, we have acquired and managed 24 U.S. properties, representing more than 4 million square feet of space in California, Georgia, Ohio, Texas and Florida.

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How We Create Value & Stabilize Properties

Target Strong & Growing Markets

We purchase multi-tenant industrial and business park properties in growing markets with high occupancy rates, increasing rental rates and the potential for increasing cash flow. 

Purchase Below Replacement Cost

We acquire properties well below replacement cost and then upgrade them to ensure that any new development cannot compete.

Expertly Manage Our Properties

We improve the property and provide superior service to increase tenant retention, attract new tenants and increase net income.  

Sell Opportunistically

We opportunistically sell our properties individually, or as a portfolio, to maximize potential value and profit for our investors.

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