Industrial Real Estate Investments That Generate Income and Appreciation

Diversify your investment portfolio with hard assets – multi-tenant industrial/warehouse real estate LLC interests, $50,000 minimum investment. Open to accredited investors only.

**Past performance does not guarantee future results



Our long-standing industrial real estate industry relationships and successful history of acquisitions provides you access to institutional quality real estate. The Avistone acquisitions team is continually sifting through a robust pipeline of potential acquisition opportunities and pursuing only the highest quality properties. We focus on our area of expertise, acquiring and managing multi-tenant industrial/warehouse properties.



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3.38 YEARS
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About investing alongside the Avistone team

I’ve made seven or eight investments with Avistone and all the investments went full cycle. I will continue to invest with them as I have a lot of faith in the flex industrial space and the Avistone team. They delivered on their promises. As a matter of fact, they over delivered on every single one of the investments that went full cycle.

Arthur S.

I have a wonderful relationship with Avistone. I’ve been working with them for about five years. My experience has been that they usually deliver better than expected or better than promised. I have friends and family who have also invested with them including my parents.

Bijan M.

I have been investing with Avistone since 2017.  After four projects went full cycle with fantastic returns, I rolled the proceeds into the Industrial Fund.  The entire Avistone team has been wonderful to work with. Communication has been excellent and all my questions are addressed very promptly.

Matthew B.

The Avistone Team


Our interests are aligned because we invest alongside our investors and take a hands-on, team approach to ensure that each investment PROVIDES maximum return for all of us.

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Cash Distributions*         

Since our founding in 2013, we have distributed an average annual cash yield of 8.19% to our investors. We acquire multi-tenant industrial properties and hotels with the potential for increasing cash flow through capital improvements, top-notch management, repositioning and improved operations.

Risk Reduction*      

We reduce investment risk by acquiring properties in dynamic markets with proven demand and strong economic drivers. We purchase properties below replacement cost which improves our competitive position helping to reduce risk.*

Capital Appreciation*

We acquire, improve, brand, market, reposition, manage and operate our properties to optimize income and increase value. By improving property conditions, increasing occupancy and growing net operating income, we enhance the value of the property and effectively position it for sale.

Inflation Protection

Private real estate investing can provide investors with a hedge against inflation. We seek to mitigate the effect of inflation by adjusting short-term lease rates in our industrial properties. and strategically adjusting daily room rates in hotels to meet current market demand.

Invest Alongside A Firm With A Successful Track Record 19.01% IRR*

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The metrics of the Full-Cycle Track Record on industrial properties are calculated based on weighted averages that treat investment dollars equally and are computed by aggregating the outcomes of all Avistone full-cycle industrial property investments, with weights corresponding to the respective capitalization amounts for each Full Cycle Investment. This real estate investment is speculative and involves substantial risk. There is a potential for a partial or complete loss of principal investment and should only be undertaken if you are prepared to bear the consequences of such a loss. Thoroughly review all of the Sponsor's Offering Documents, including any "Risk Factors" therein. For additional information concerning risks and disclosures, please visit None of the content in this communication should be considered investment advice, whether regarding a specific security or an overall investment strategy. Reproduction or distribution of this message to any individual or entity outside the recipient's organization is prohibited without the express consent of Avistone.