Hotel Investment Strategy

Our Hotel Strategy

Our hotel investment strategy focuses on the purchase of hotels in compelling markets where brand selection, capital improvements, repositioning, alignment with best-in-class operating companies and superior asset management can facilitate bottom-line cash flow and lead to increasing yields with the potential for long-term capital appreciation.

We mitigate risk by purchasing hotels below their replacement cost in markets with strong economic drivers, proven room-demand generators, increasing job growth and pricing flexibility in an inflationary environment.

Lodging Investment Oppurtinitys

Cash Distribution

We target hotels with the potential for increasing cash flow after capital improvements, rebranding,  repositioning, superior asset management and partnering with best-in-class hotel operators.

Risk Mitigation

We reduce risk by vetting historical market performance and working with leading industry analytics firms to project future performance. We acquire and improve hotels for less than replacement cost to reduce competitive pressure.

Capital Appreciation

We seek to enhance capital appreciation by acquiring hotels in growing markets, improving the properties, partnering with strong brands and best-in-class operators, and increasing occupancy and operating income.

Inflation Protection

Investing in hotels can provide a potential hedge against inflation. This is done by continuously monitoring daily room rates and compression in market demand, and strategically adjusting those room rates to match market conditions through aggressive revenue management practices.

Our Hotels Properties Team Has Years of Experience Acquiring and Managing Hospitality Investments

Avistone Management

Avistone’s leadership team has years of experience in real estate investments and has completed more than $12 billion in property acquisitions and debt placements in commercial, multifamily and hospitality real estate. With expertise in acquisitions, structured finance and asset management, our success is a direct result of the leadership team we have assembled and their ability to focus the firm on strategies and processes that benefit our investors, tenants, guests and the properties we manage and operate.

Youngbin Park leads our hotel investment team and has over 15 years of experience in acquiring and managing hospitality investments. Youngbin has a thorough knowledge of investment and development practices obtained from completing over $1.1 billion of transaction activity.

Youngbin and his team strategically identify, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of prospective hotel properties.  During due diligence and after closing, the acquisition and asset management teams will align with best-in-class hotel brands and operating partners, make carefully calculated capital improvements and leverage best practices in asset and property management to drive capital appreciation.

How We Create Value and Stabilize Our Hotel Properties

Target Strong and Growing Markets

We acquire hotels in dynamic markets where continued growth is projected, and there is upward pressure on daily room rates.

Purchase Below Replacement Cost

We purchase properties well below replacement cost to create a competitive advantage over any new hotel construction. 

Renovate and Reposition

We reposition and renovate our hotels when necessary to build brand awareness and increase occupancy and room rates. 

Improve Net Operating Income

We partner with best-in-class operators and premium hotel brands to increase performance, income and cash flow.

Take Advantage Of Current Market Conditions And Invest In Hotels

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Hotel Investment Strategy
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