Investing Where Industry Works

Yield, Risk Mitigation & Capital Appreciation

Attractive Risk-Return Profile

Avistone purchases stabilized multi-tenant industrial properties in strong metropolitan markets with high occupancy rates and consistent in-place cash flow.

This investment strategy has allowed Avistone to make regular monthly distributions to its investors which, combined with potential property appreciation due to low market vacancy and increasing rents, has resulted in an investment mix of current yield and projected capital appreciation.

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Risk Mitigation

Capital Appreciation

Current Offerings

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Occupancy in Avistone Properties

Why We Love Multi-Tenant Industrial Properties

Multi-tenant industrial real estate offers numerous benefits to investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, generate a steady income stream and mitigate investment risk.

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The Avistone Team

Avistone is a real estate investment management firm that acquires and operates multi‑tenant industrial properties nationwide. Our investors, tenants and Avistone succeed because of our team’s experience, our ability to source and underwrite deals successfully, and our quality asset acquisition and management.