1031 Exchange Properties

Avistone’s Strategy

Avistone’s strategy of acquiring properties which deliver yield from in-place cash flow with mitigated risk, professional management and the potential for capital appreciation is appealing for investors interested in 1031 exchange opportunities. In particular, Avistone’s 1031 exchange properties are attractive to those looking for stable cash flow, preservation of wealth and deferral of taxes, who want to pursue other interests and leave the day-to-day management to Avistone professionals.

Avistone purchases stabilized, multi-tenant industrial business park properties with high occupancy rates and consistent in-place cash flow that are located in growing metropolitan markets. Risk is mitigated by acquiring properties with multiple tenants having varying lease maturity dates with no tenant occupying more than 20% of the leasable space. Additionally, Avistone acquires properties substantially below their replacement cost, thus reducing the risk that newly constructed properties could compete favorably for tenants.

Why Partner with Avistone for Your 1031 Exchange?

The experienced Avistone team manages the day-to-day leasing and management needs of the property.

Avistone has a current average distribution yield of 7% to its 1031 exchange investors.

Defer capital gains taxes after the sale of your income property by completing a 1031 Exchange into a multi-tenant industrial property.

Stabilized cash flow through in-place rents.

Properties are located in dynamic markets with strong job growth and high occupancy.

Avistone is focused on preservation of capital. Risk is mitigated by acquiring stabilized properties at a purchase price that is substantially below the property’s replacement cost.

Properties are acquired at a price that is approximately 60% to 65% of their replacement cost.

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Avistone industrial property. Office and warehouse space. Ideal for investors seeking 1031 exchange properties.